David T. Freeman

“Many individuals have pondered the question: “What is the meaning of life?”. Many books, films, religions, philosophies, etc. developed around this question; but have they brought anyone any closer to an understanding? Perhaps the answer is so utterly simple that, from the outset, they miss the point altogether? I offer this: The meaning of life is opportunity. With multiple opportunities you have choice – this is your inherent power. At any time, you can choose to carry on as usual, as most people tend to do, regardless of the availability of better opportunities — Or you can choose to always consider new opportunities, and what is the most personally empowering, most beneficial for all, and which is likely to produce the most desirable results; to constantly improve yourself, and discover new opportunities. There are almost always an infinite number of opportunities available to everyone – whether you realize it or not. But ultimately, perhaps life has no meaning – each of us has our own meaning for life — thus you are free to create whatever meaning for your life that you want! Don’t waste this opportunity!”

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