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Robert M. Pirsig

“What was behind this smug presumption that what pleased you was bad or at least unimportant in comparison to other thing?… Little children were trained not to do “just what they liked’ but…but what?…Of course! What other liked. And which others? Parents, teachers, supervisors, policeman, judges, officials, kings, dictators. All authorities. When you are trained […]

Ludwig von Mises

“While all other animals are unconditionally driven by the impulse to preserve their own and by the impulse of proliferation, man has the power to master even these impulses. He can control both his sexual desires and his will to live. He can give up his life when the conditions under which alone he could […]

Seth Godin

“The difference between backing off and doing nothing may appear subtle, but it’s not. A leader who backs off is making a commitment to the power of the tribe, and is alert to the right moment to step back in. Someone who is doing nothing is merely hiding. Leadership is a choice. It’s the choice […]